About Ohana

Driven by a deep care for our work and our team, we strive for excellence through extraordinary results. We strive to do what is right. We seek to learn from, and to challenge, one another to be better. We take responsibility for our individual and collective failures and successes.

We are a principles and values based organization, working collectively to utilize our diverse experiences, defined objectives and judgment to make decisions. We value critical thinking and curiosity across functional areas. We are not bureaucratic, hierarchical or self-important.

We’re deeply connected to our work and we love what we do. We believe the best questions and answers are collaborative. That bringing many minds to the table makes for fresher ideas and better outcomes. That’s how we approach everything, from our daily interactions to our largest-scale projects, inviting diverse perspectives and pooling individual expertise to make a more meaningful whole.

We are committed to serving the best interests of our investors and our partners. Our culture gives us the opportunity to be challenged, to achieve at our highest levels, and to be part of something bigger than ourselves.